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1). Question. How many children are there in a class?

  • Answer. This varies considerably depending on age, popularity and forthcoming examinations, but a large class would be considered to be a maximum of 20. When a class is of this size there is more than one teacher in attendance. It would normally work out to be a ratio of one teacher to every 10 children.

2). Question. Do you follow school terms or are the classes arranged differently?

  • Answer. Firstly we would need to say "which school?" as state and private education terms and holiday breaks vary enormously. Where possible we endeavour to keep as close as possible to the private school calendar, but there are occasions when we do not coincide. For example at Easter we will always take our three week holiday over the traditional Christian Easter Festival, and not as some LEA's now practise, taking this holiday at the same time each year irrespective of whether Easter falls early or late.

3). Question. How many classes are there per term?

  • Answer. There are nine weeks in each term, so if a pupil were only attending one lesson per week they would have 9 lessons in any one term.

4). Question. May my child join the school at any time during the term, or must I wait until a new
....... term commences to register?

  • Answer. Children may register at any time during the term and fees for that term will be adjusted accordingly. We do not want children to have to wait what could be several weeks before joining us.

5). Question. Do you have classes during the school holidays?

  • Answer. There are occasions when we hold classes during holidays, but this is usually for pupils who are preparing for examinations. However, our annual Summer School is held during the last week of July into the first week of August and is a popular fun week enjoyed by all. It is open to everyone, not only pupils of the school. Click HERE to find out more.

6). Question. I am coming along/bringing my child for the first time, what should be worn?

  • Answer. For the trial lesson we recommend that you/your child wear the following: For a trial lesson in Ballet for younger pupils up to Primary, either a dress or skirt and top in one plain pastel colour soft indoor type shoes or bare feet. Please note stocking feet is not recommended for any class as this will be too slippery. For Modern Dance/Hip Hop and Tap a pair of black leggings and a plain black t-shirt (without slogans) may be worn. After the trial lesson, if you decide to formallyregister your child/yourself, the regulation uniform must be worn. Children feel especially singledout and vulnerable if they are the only child in the class wearing a different colour or uniform. We do on occasions have some second hand uniforms that we can offer that will help keep the cost down. Older pupils should contact the school with regard to what to
    wear for a trial lesson.

    ......6a). If children own a tutu they may wear them during the first full week of each month
    and also on parent's viewing day.

7). Question. Do you offer private tuition?

  • Answer. We do offer private tuition, but normally only for solo dances for competitions. As far as Syllabus classes are concerned, if a pupil needs extra coaching we can offer lessons at any one of our school branches. However, in exceptional circumstances, we will do our very best to accommodate the needs of the individual.