INTRODUCTION: Child protection should aim to promote the protection of children from harm or ill treatment, including supporting children's development in ways which will foster self esteem, security, confidence and independence to help ensure their own protection and under stand the importance of protecting others.

DEFINITIONS OF CHILD ABUSE: Neglect, Physical Injury, Sexual Abuse, Emotional Abuse.

>>>1. To develop an awareness in all staff and volunteers of the need for Child Protection and their responsibilities in identifying the signs and symptoms of abuse;
>>>2. To develop clear procedures to follow in cases of child abuse;
>>>3. To promote a school ethos in which children feel secure, and to provide support and guidance from adults whom they feel confident to approach if they are in difficulties;

>>>4. To highlight the need for clear lines of communication amongst all staff;
To work with and involve outside agencies where appropriate;
>>>6. To make staff and volunteers aware of the wider implications of the Child Act with reference to permissible forms of control and restraint;
>>>7. To plan classes so as minimise situations where the abuse of children could occur;
>>>8. To ensure children are supervised at all times;
>>>9. To ensure all staff and volunteers are suitable for working with children... eg. Criminal Records Bureau check carried out.

May 2004